Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's been awhile... to say the least.

Wow, how things change.

It has definitely been a whirlwind of fun, work, school and friends in the past two months.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Crown Uptown, from work to assistant stage managing to running spot to hanging out with the cast. This experience has been one of the greatest, and I am so lucky, and I thank God, that I was able to do this!

School is going, I am learning alot and having fun at the same time. Even though I am ready to graduate, I will enjoy my last months here and try my best. :) College search is coming along and I have started applying, so we will see what happens next!

I love my friends, and I wouldn't change them for the world, they are amazing and I thank the Lord I am able to have such great friends as these.

Oh, and now I'm a red-head/brunette :)

Well that's about all that is new!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week Where Everything Changes...

Well this week was definitely an interesting/busy one!

Monday I went back to school and took plenty of pain meds over the next couple of days for the lovely wisdom teeth. But everything went really well with it all and now I'm good to go, just the holes need to heal up. I am just so happy that is over and I don't ever have to do it again.

Chicago Rehearsals also started on Monday and they are going super well. I'm so excited for the show to open. It runs from Sept 18-Nov8 (every thursday, friday, saturday and sunday) at Crown Uptown, you all should definitely come and watch! :) But its been a really good experience talking to the stage manager and working beside him. I am definitely learning alot and really enjoying it, even though it makes me want to perform... but I can handle it lol. I'm just really thankful that I can be part of a production like this...

I also started working this week actually. Crown Uptown offered me a job in the Box office Wednesdays through Saturdays (about 20 hours a week) and thats been quite an experience, but I have lived through three days and just have one more this week :) and it has been getting better and better as the week has gone on... even though I will miss Kendall when her schedule changes.

Well besides this my life is still super busy. School is of course keeping me busy enough with five college courses and then choir and drawing lol. And I also will start up voice lessons again soon and continue piano lessons and start dance as well. :) I just can't wait!

Well off to get ready for the day!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Wisdom Teeth and others...

Well today is friday and yesterday was quite an eventful day. To start off I had my wisdom teeth taken out... man, was that an experience. It was my first surgery though, and I made it through! Then I found out that I'm not a fan of men, haha. Just Kidding! I just don't understand some, but thats a side point. Well today I look a little bit more like a chipmunck, but its actually not as bad as I thought it would be. I do have a job interview in two hours which I'm starting to freak out about a little bit, well not really, I just look a little ridiculous, but oh well! Then tonight, instead of going to soap scrimmages and the Back to School Dance I will be sitting at home watching movies and enjoying myself completely!
Well thats about the only news updates I have, I just can't wait to see Brittney and Brandi again, and I have tons of homework. Oh Well!

Until later!


"I am no prince; I am no saint. I am not anyone's wildest dream, but I will stand behind and be someone to fall back on."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday night...

Eleven o'seven on Sunday night.

Oo man, now there is a long week ahead of me, and what am I doing instead of sleeping?! yes, that is right, I am writing a blog... Well today I woke up and went to Mass and then hung around until I went to the show at Crown Uptown tonight, Love, Sex and the IRS. It's a very hilarious show! Definitely check it out in the next two weeks! Then tonight I finished my homework and am trying to figure out my week. I have so much to do! I have blood work up tomorrow and voice lessons, piano on tuesday, hopefully a job interview on wednesday, and then down thursday and friday for wisdom teeth surgery, and I forgot I had that wednesday so now I am supposed to work on Saturday night and then off again Sunday but have to get all my homework done from two days and then back to school with Chicago rehearsals starting and hopefully work as well :) Plus, I need to get a college list going, even though right now Viterbo college is at top, but we will see how that goes :)
Well now that I just gave you a rundown of my next week I won't bore you anymore.

Pray that I make it through the week, ha! :)


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hello again.

Today has been a very relaxing day, well kind of, but relaxing for me is just not doing anything at one time, ha! I actually was able to spend some time with my gorgeous cousin Kylee since she spent the night last night. After I dropped her off at Wesley this morning and took care of the cats, since the parents are away, I was able to get in some more sleep! Then when I woke back up, I had to clean up the house and do more stuff with the cats since the parents were still out of town. After that I went up to Crown to help Michael and Shawn with costumes for about an hour and a half, which was quite enjoyable to get out of the house. Then when I got home I watched my guilty pleasure, Secret Life of the American Teenager! I love that show, and got caught back up, since I had missed the past two weeks. Then I actually decided to take a bike ride over to my grandmas and swim/read for a bit and then rode my bike back! That was very very enjoyable and fun. It gave me good time to think and just enjoy some time out in the beautiful evening air. I then proceded to jump on the trampoline, which was a blast, and then twisted my ankle, oh well! Now I'm winding down for the day and getting ready to go hang out in front of the TV. :)

Until later, xoxo.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thank God, it's Friday Night!

Ah, here we go again.
Well today is Friday and I can truthfully say I am so happy that it is. This week was a long week; and a week where alot has changed.
Well Thursday, I had school (of course!) but my twins, Brittney and Brandi, came back into town for the day and I thoroughly loved seeing them again! they always make my day :) So they came in and we performed one last time for HSM stuff :( and now that is officially over.... and I'm definitely in PMD (post-musical depression), again! then all three of us went to HSM2 over at MTW and watched a good show, good job to everyone who was in it :) But it just makes me want to perform again so so so terribly bad, but soon my chance will come. Then we came back to my house and I did homework while we all talked and we stayed up late, but it was totally worth seeing my lovers again!
Today I had school again, but no uniforms! just a pride day :) But it was a fairly good day, not too much homework, just physics and other smaller stuff for some classes. And in physics my group was the first to finish building a freestanding tower made out of one 8x11 copy paper page and 30 cm of scotch tape... all I can say is that it was amazing! I was so proud of it! ha! thanks to Amber and Megan to that of course! Then after school I ran some errands and definitely enjoyed my stop at Crown Uptown because I love seeing Kendall :) and just being in a theatre improves my mood and then I went and picked up my dance shoes which I'm totally stoked about starting dance this fall!
So now, I am just enjoying some time alone at home, got the place to myself for a bit tonight and tomorrow :)

Well headed to go take a nap... atleast that's what I think, but who knows in this house! ha!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just One More Year...

Today. Well, today was just today. Actually today was the last first day of high school for me. And you know what I was telling myself all day today?! "Just one more year; just one more year." I know Senior Year of High School should be "the best days of your life", but I hope that these are not the best days of my life. Okay, sure, it was nice seeing everyone again (maybe, just kidding!), but if this is the best life gets, then don't sign me up to move on. Now, don't get me wrong, I am going to try and enjoy my Senior year. I really am not that cynical about it all, but the fact that I have college to look forward and all that comes with it, I really want to just want to skip senior year. Because in college I will be able to be emersed in Musical Theatre and sure, I will have some Gen. Ed. courses, but all my fun classes will get me through those to do what I thoroughly love. I can't wait to move out and experience life on my own, probably in a different state with whole new surroundings and a new culture to live in. I say that this is not "the best days of our lives", but maybe just the preparation of dedication needed to survive on our own. I guess that is a way to look at it, and hopefully that mentality will help me get through!

On the brighter side though, tomorrow my lovely twins come back into town tomorrow and I get to hang out with them all night! First we are making some money while we perform, and then we get to go see HSM2 On Stage! at MTW and then we also get to spend the night at my house... I'm feeling an all-nighter! :) well, just maybe, but probably not since I have school on Friday.

And then in a couple weeks I may be working at Crown plus Assistant Stage Managing, which I can't wait for! :)

Well time to get on that homework I have tonight. Ugh.
have a great rest of the day!